Charges against Chile president’s son dropped in fraud case

The son of Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, Sebastian Davalos (R), leaves the Attorney General office after testifying over the property speculation scandal of which he is accused, in Rancagua, 80 km south of Santiago, on 13 April, 2015 Photo: MARTIN BERNETTI / AFP

Santiago — Prosecutors dismissed charges against Chilean President Michelle Bachelet’s son on Friday related to a tax fraud and corruption case targeting his wife.

Sebastian Davalos Bachelet had been accused of obstructing investigations into alleged tax fraud by his wife Natalia Compagnon by formatting computer files to hide evidence.

Public prosecutor Sergio Moya told reporters Friday “the investigation has been dismissed on that point alone” while a probe into the separate charges against Compagnon continues.

Socialist President Bachelet is facing record-low approval ratings as Chile prepares for a presidential election in November.