Women on Waves: Abortion ship sailed outside Mexican waters for second time

MEXICO CITY – Women on Waves sailed out again with several women to international waters over the weekend from Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

There was no interference from the authorities. The ship did not need any special permission for coastal sailing.

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In a statement, the Women on Waves said 70 women from all over Mexico called the safe abortion hotline. “We received calls from Quintana Roo to Oaxaca with of women needing abortions because of a variety of reasons, including failure on their contraceptives, out the fact that they had been raped and are too afraid to reach out for legal local health services (abortion is legal in cases sexual violence in all states),” the statement read.

The hotline also received many calls from Mexico City, where abortion is legal and free. Many women still did not know they could have safe abortions in this City.

Every Mexican woman has the right to information. Even after the ship leaves Mexico, the hotline will continue to provide women information with safe abortion options.

Women in need of help can continue to call 755 9800 548.

Women who need help have the following options: Travel to Mexico City as it is free and legal for more information (http://ile.salud.cdmx.gob.mx/.

They can also contact Fondo MARIA at 01800-8327-311, to receive information or support to travel to Mexico City or they can contact Women on Web, at www.comoabortar.org, where women can fulfil an online consultation to receive a medical abortion.

The organisation claims hundreds of Mexicans have expressed their support for the campaign. “The success of this action shows that the Mexican society is ready to discuss abortion beyond each person’s individual beliefs, taking into account the human rights of women and the secular nature of the Mexican State.”

This campaign was an international collaboration between Women on Waves and more than 30 Mexican organizations and human rights defenders that are working tirelessly to protect and promote the human right to a safe abortion.