Status of Chile following 6.9 earthquake

BY Kendall Thiele / The Santiago Times Staff

SANTIAGO – The 6.9 earthquake that occurred 25 kilometers off the coast of Valparaíso at 6:39 pm April 24 affected the central zone of Chile. As of now, no damage or fatalities have been reported.

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A tsunami evacuation notice for Valparaíso and surrounding areas was declared and then promptly retracted. According to an evaluation done by Onemi Chile and Shoa, there is no risk of tsunami to the coastal regions.

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Following the quake, the government of Valparaíso suspended all metro services due to electrical problems. Electricity to the region was shut off shortly after to the earthquake but is now resumed to 100 percent according to the National Electrical Coordinator.

Aftershocks continue in the region as well as other zones in Chile. According to Centro Sismológico National, the Valparaíso region experienced over 100 small trembles during the weekend leading up to the quake.

All public services in Santiago will operate as normal and all flights will continue as scheduled.