Venezuelans in Chile protest at Embassy against Maduro government

By Kendall Thiele / The Santiago Times

SANTIAGO – Dozens of Venezuelans in Chile gathered outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Santiago over the weekend to express their feelings against the Nicolas Maduro government and the lack of support from Chile.

They demanded an end to the social repression of Venezuelans living here in Chile within the context of the recent census registration conducted on Wednesday.

“We want to stop the repression and the cruel and inhuman treatment towards the Venezuelan population. We demand that they open the humanitarian channel for Venezuelan refugees requested by the people,” said one of the demonstrators.

Another Venezuelan at the protest said he was there in solidarity with the Venezuelan people, and to express condolences for those who have fallen under the rule of Maduro.

The social, political, and economic crisis in Venezuela continues to escalate.

At least 2o people were killed in the streets of Caracas when anti-government protests turned into rioting and looting.

Now with armed groups supporting the Maduro government and starving citizens becoming increasingly more desperate, violence may become more frequent.