Chinese cellphone takes bullet for Chilean man during robbery

SANTIAGO – The Chinese smartphone giant, Huawei, keeps on impressing its customers with a unique feature – resistance to bullets.

Earlier this month, a man was leaving a bank in capital Santiago, along with his uncle, after withdrawing 3 million Chilean Pesos ($4600) from his uncle’s pension account.

The two men were drinking coffee when they were stopped by three robbers. The young man tried to fight back, but was shot by one of the robbers.

Fortunately, his Huawei Honor 5X was there to stop the bullet and save his life.

Afterward, two of the robbers were arrested, while one managed to get away with the money, according to The Paper.

A similar incident occured last year in South Africa when a businessman was shot in the chest during an armed robbery outside of his home in Cape Town, only to have the 9mm bullet bounce off his Huawei P8 Lite smartphone stored in his jacket pocket.