Chile kicks off national census; declares public holiday

SANTIAGO – Some 583,000 pollsters will today start visiting homes to find out about Chile’s population and other data in the ‘National Short Census’.

On this public holiday, strict compliance for the public and private sector, the government will seek remedy to the serious errors of the previous census, 2012.

Official figures give Chile more than 18 million inhabitants in 15 regions, 54 provinces and 346 communes, with a figure higher than nine million women and more than eight million men.

Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet has stressed that the census will be a very useful tool for the future development of the nation, especially when the life expectancy of Chileans reached 84.5 for women and 78.6 men.

There are 4,442 Operational Centers throughout the country, through 7,656 Census Sites, which will coordinate the development of the Census of April 19.

In total, more than 583,000 survey takers will visit the country’s homes, with 21 basic questions. Residents from abroad or in long stay transit will be included, too.

Official census results will be released in early 2018, although preliminary data will be reported in the third quarter of the current year.