Canada to legalize marijuana nationwide on its 151st birthday

TORONTO – Marijuana will be legal for all Canadians over the age of 18 by July 1, 2018 – Canada’s 151st birthday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party will officially announce the plan on April 10.

The legislation is expected to easily pass through Parliament, as it holds support from major political parties both to the right, and left of Trudeau’s Liberals, besides majority of Canadians in support of legalizing marijuana.

Though the federal government stipulates a minimum age of 18 to purchase marijuana in stores, provinces will be free to raise the age as they see fit.

Also, it will be the provincial governments who will control how marijuana is sold, CBC News reports.

Canadians will also be able to grow up to four marijuana plants in their household.

The announcement provides some much-needed stability to Canada’s marijuana industry after police raided dispensaries in Toronto and Vancouver this month, unlike in US where Attorney General Jeff Sessions has hinted at a crackdown of marijuana markets in legalized states.