Bolivian Minister of Defense Foresees to Visit Bolivians Imprisoned in Chile

La Paz — The Bolivian Minister of Defense, Reimy Ferreira, wants to move soon to Chile to visit nine Bolivian citizens imprisoned there, announced the vice minister of Institutional and Consular Management, Carmen Almedras.

According to Almedras, Ferreira’s presence in the southern nation has to be for the Bolivian citizens a mental and effective reinforcement.

Almedras told Bolivian state network Patria Nueva that when the visit is over, other activities for the handle of the issue will be established.

Almedras confirmed that up to now, the Bolivian citizens imprisoned in Chile are in preventive prison, and they are in godd health condition, and received visits from their respective relatives.

The relatives verified the assistance offered by the government of President Evo Morales, to recuperate their freedom.

The Chilean authorities said the officials were captured in their country, and dictated preventive prison against them when they were accused of robbery with intimidation and violence, possesion of forbidden weapons and smuggling.