Heraldo Muñoz Reiterated Bolivians Were Arrested in Chile

Santiago — Chilean Foreign Minister, Heraldo Muñoz, reiterated that nine arrested Bolivian citizens were carrying out reckless acts in Chile.

In a press conference, Heraldo Muñoz stressed that these events are unacceptable, since they had taken place in Chile´s sovereign spaces. Justice, with independent feature, will be in charge of establishing the future of those cases, he said.

Pozo Almonte Guarantee Court, Chile, located 1810 kilometers away from capital, extended till Wednesday the detention of two military personnel and seven officials of Bolivia´s National Customs.

At the request of the Attorney General´s Office, the Chilean justice system decided to extend the detention in light of a confused incident when a truckload was being stolen close to the northern border.

Bolivian Government described the act as an aggression, and demanded Chile to release the officials allegedly carrying out their own duties.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, however, said that the two soldiers and the seven Bolivian civilians arrested ‘committed crimes’.

‘Whoever illegally enters into our country or tries to exercise acts against Chilean sovereignty will be imprisoned,’ according to Chilean president.

Michelle Bachelet, in speaking about the fact, rebuffed Bolivian authorities declarations in the sense that it was about a kidnapping.