President Bachelet names Chile’s new ambassadors in Haiti and Norway

By Kendall Thiele

SANTIAGO — Chile President Michelle Bachelet has appointed two new ambassadors in Haiti and Norway, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs Heraldo Muñoz.

Patricio Utreras has been appointed to Haiti; and Waldemar Coutts to Norway. Both have already received the approval for the respective countries.

Mr. Utreras is a geographer from the University of Chile and graduated from the Diplomatic Academy Andrés Bello. Prior to his appointment, he served as Minister Counselor and head of chancery at the Embassy of Chile in the United States.

Mr. Coutts holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Leuven. During his career, he has served in the embassies of Chile in Germany, Argentina, Cuba and Poland as well as in the Mission of Chile in the United Nations.