Chile and Argentina Tighten Bilateral Relations

Chile and Argentina will take new steps to tighten their relations, with a top-level meeting on the occasion of celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Chacabuco.

An Argentinian delegation headed by President Mauricio Macri will arrive in this capital to go later to Colina, 55 kilometers north from Santiago, where the ceremony will be held.

The Chilean head of State, Michelle Bachelet, will welcome the Argentine president to hold a meeting in which they will also tackle the report on the meeting of MERCOSUR foreign ministers and the Pacific Alliance.

Both countries are fostering their cooperation relations between the Common Southern Market (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela) and the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico), according to the idea of convergence within diversity.

Bachelet and Macri signed several agreements and memorandums of understanding in December to give a new boost to the bilateral relations.