Fears for Fires in Chile Continue

The fears of a return to the drama caused by forest fires in Chile have kept the population in suspense, while authorities are redoubling efforts to control the situation.


Although the government and those responsible for keeping watch on have showed moderate optimism, they also remained in the red alert phase for some areas where the threat of major incidents is still perceptible.

The National Forest Corporation (CONAF) in Chile said in its latest report that the red alert remains in the cities of Santo Domingo, Quilpue and San Antonio, and brigade members, firefighters and volunteers are intensively working.

Footage from the 24-hour TVN television news reported of the work carried out by specialists and the support of helicopters and airplanes, with American Boeing 747 SuperTanker and Russian Ilyushin IL-76.

According to official sources, from July to date, there have been 3,154 forest fires, devastating an area of 594,977 hectares.

According to the government, about 43 active fires were counted today at national level, eight of which are fought; 28 are controlled and seven are extinguished.

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