‘It was a terrifying ordeal:’ Stories from Chile’s 8.2 quake

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Published On : Wed, Apr 2nd, 2014
As the light of day brings new information and allays some anxieties, others in Chile’s worst hit areas tell The Santiago Times they still ‘fear what is to come’. On Tuesday night an 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Iquique in Northern Chile, causing tsunami waves that were initially predicted to hit across
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Charlotte Karrlsson-Willis
Charlotte Karrlsson-Willis
Charlotte specializes in foreign relations, law, and human rights. Her work can also be found on Mapuexpress, The Center for Justice and Accountability, and InterAmerican Security Watch. Charlotte is also a regular contributor to the BBC Radio5 program Up All Night as a Chile correspondent. Contact her at kwillis@santiagotimes.cl
Belinda Torres-Leclercq
Belinda Torres-Leclercq
Belinda studied political sciences and Latin American studies in several European Universities. She wrote on food issues for Latin American news organization Noticias.nl and blogs about Chilean politics for MO*. Contact her at belinda@santiagotimes.cl or follow her at @BelindaMTL on Twitter.