Environmental Ad Campaign In Chile Promotes Small Lifestyle Changes

Published On : Tue, Apr 5th, 2011

A new advertising campaign in Chile aims to convince individuals to reduce their daily dents on the environment.

The series of 15 one-minute commercials are aimed at young professionals. The messages will run on television and radio, as well as the metro screens and before movies.

The message is simple: “Save the Planet, the solution is with you.”

Each message will focus on a specific environmental problem, offering tips and advice on individual level solutions.

One message, for instance, suggests switching to environmentally-friendly light bulbs, which could save consumers 30 percent on energy bills. Another recommends taking showers under five minutes to reduce individual water consumption by an average of 7,600 liters a year.

A website to accompany the campaign, www.salvalatierra.cl, will be launched on Tuesday.

“The messages we choose are the result of an investigation of several months,” said Cristián Campos from the Neurona Group, which put the ad campaign together. “We included figures accompanied by animated graphics and images so the messages can be understood from children to seniors. Save the Earth has grace which discloses the problem in an easy-to-understand way and then gives advice that can be taken at home, at school, in college and at work.”

Neurona Group member Andrea Obaid told local press that the project may grow in the near future: “We proposed taking the message to bigger platforms, such as film and the Metro, and we did. This is the result of believing in what we are doing, so that we can contribute even just a little among many environmental initiatives.”

By Mark Briggs ([email protected])

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