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Published On : Fri, Nov 13th, 2009

Regulations Would Cover Light Vehicles, Not Trucks

Chile’s National Environmental Commission (CONAMA) is studying noise level regulations for cars, motorcycles and construction activities.

The proponed regulations would supplement existing environmental regulations for industrial sites and public transportation. Contemplated maximum noise levels would affect light vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, but not noise emanating from trucks, of which there are currently 147,000 in Chile. 

Also under study are changes in permitted construction hours, currently 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Hans Willumsen, head of CONAMA’s Pollution Control department, would not venture a date when new maximum noise levels might be decided upon and put into implementation. Proposed noise levels, in conventional decibel levels, will be unveiled in early 2010, but are subject to public consultation.

If and when regulations are implemented, Willumsen cautioned, they would only apply to newly imported vehicles, not retroactively to vehicles already in circulation.  A pilot study to incorporate noise pollution control into land use planning is being designed for the communities of Antofagasta and Providencia, he added.  

By Jeremy Valeriote (editor@santiagotimes.cl)

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