Chilean government announces next step for Universidad del Mar

Published On : Tue, Feb 19th, 2013

Education Ministry will launch website where 8,000 students can access their academic records.

The Education Ministry announced on Tuesday it will launch a digital platform that will allow students of the soon-to-be-defunct Universidad del Mar to access their academic records online.


Education Minister Harald Beyer met with Miguel Bejide on Tuesday to discuss the fate of the Universidad del Mar’s students. Photo by Alicja Siekierska / The Santiago Times

Universidad del Mar’s new judicial auditor Miguel Bejide asked Education Minister Harald Beyer to launch the website, after students have struggled to access the academic records necessary for relocation.

After a five-month investigation revealed a series of financial irregularities, the government decided it would shut down the university on Dec. 31, 2014.

Since the announcement, the Education Ministry has been facilitating the relocation of students to other institutions. To date, a total of 24 agreements have been signed between the Universidad del Mar and other public, private and technical schools.

However, students have reported problems with retrieving their records, which Beyer said indicates a lack of cooperation between the university and its students.

Beyer said the digital platform will be fully operational and up on the ministry’s website by the end of the month.

“We are working hard on this platform so all students can have access to their records,” he said.

In the upcoming week, Bejide will also meet with the presidents of all the Universidad del Mar campuses in Chile to discuss the difficulties students have faced with the disclosure of academic records.

Bejide said he has already requested the campuses establish an efficient system to deliver the academic information to students.

Bejide also revealed there are actually only 7,926 regular students currently registered at the university, not including the approximately 2,000 students that have already been relocated to other institutions.

Initially, the school reported there were more than 18,000 students registered at Universidad del Mar.

Because the number of registered students is smaller than anticipated, Beyer said the government is on the right track in terms of their relocation strategy.

By Alicja Siekierska ([email protected])
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